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Marketing for your brand: how to select the right partner?

Agency or internal supplier management? Some considerations will help you decide.

Short-term budgetary needs, top changes in the marketing department, launch of new products: these are some typical situations that lead a company in the sports industry to seek a new agency (or several creative partners) to entrust their campaigns with. Be careful though! The sense of urgency that often accompanies managers’ decisions can turn an opportunity into a risk.

Marketing agencies, the pitfalls for your business are different:

  • It can happen to rely on realities that, however talented, do not meet the real needs of your brand. For example, they could be under or oversized. They may also demonstrate that they are not specialized enough to support your campaign.
  • You could sign a contract by not being clear on the correct steps to achieve your marketing goals.
    It may happen that you take the path of savings, choosing to manage the strategic phase and manage multiple suppliers “in house”. Except then finding himself in difficulty on timing or skills.
  • It may happen that you take the path of savings, choosing to manage the strategic phase and manage multiple suppliers “in house”. Except then finding himself in difficulty on timing or skills.

We’ve seen a lot, so we know that facing a new marketing project is never easy for companies. Precisely for this reason, even before starting the talks to recruit the most suitable creatives, we believe that it is essential for a manager to carry out serious planning work. Developing a supporting structure on which to lay the foundations of your brand or a new advertising campaign will allow you to be more efficient in managing the partners who will support you.

Ask yourself this:

  1. What goal should I achieve?
  2. What are the strengths of my business? What do I think it may be lacking in?
  3. How high is the budget that I can invest in this project?
  4. What figure will I take on managing the relationship with creative partners outside the company?

Once you have better defined the contours of the action to be implemented, you will have the tools to communicate your strategic idea to others. We advise you to fix them by writing a project brief, a document that will come in handy when you need to explain what you have in mind. Our experience says that customers who are able to submit a well-groomed brief have a significantly higher success rate. After the production of the brief, the time will come for you to start the search for the most suitable suppliers for your business model. From this point of view, the market will help you, offering very different realities. Among them you can certainly identify the most interesting.

You will notice that you have two roads ahead:

  • You can choose to manage different suppliers independently.
  • It will be possible to decide to rely on a single partner.

So is it better to rely on a multidisciplinary agency or to independently select suppliers?

There is no absolute right and wrong choice. Rather, you will have to understand what is the most correct decision for the good of your company. If the marketing action you intend to implement involves limited development (if, for example, you simply want to create a photographic reportage in the company), it won’t make sense to involve an agency. In this case it will be easier for you to select a good photographer.

What happens if you have in mind a more structured action?

Let’s say your goal is to reposition a certain brand in a different segmento of the market. Let’s assume that you, a bicycle manufacturer, have decided to launch a range of technical clothing. In this case the tasks to be implemented will take on a much broader connotation. You will need a strategy to better communicate your entry into the new product segment, but not only. You will have to surround yourself with multiple talents specialized in all the services needed for the success of the campaign.

  • The photographer who will deal with the lookbook in the studio will probably be joined by a second professional able to give the best on the production of outdoor images.
  • You may consider it important to integrate your website.
  • It would be smart to develop an advertising concept that can stimulate your audience.

We are simplifying, of course. The point is, in case of articulated marketing activities, choosing a single multidisciplinary study would allow you to carry out different tasks necessary for the success of your business. You could assign different tasks to a single partner, who will select and direct the most suitable creatives for you. In fact, agencies like Albertdesign can count on networks of collaborators selectable from time to time. These are a valid support in specific areas of intervention. Professionals such as photographers, videomakers, copywriters interact directly with the creatives within the studio in order to better develop your projects. The result is that you can count on a highly customized team.

As you can say, entrusting your campaign to a professional direction like this one allows the manager to save time and budget. Above all, it allows you to make sure that the different creative aspects involved are well connected. It ultimately means being able to speak to the market in a well-defined tone of voice.

Final words

How to select the partner to develop your brand marketing? The path is articulated, but as we have seen you will have more chances to make the right choice if you establish a clear picture of your goals. With an adequate brief and with an investment budget in mind, you can request a quote from various companies. Don’t make the mistake of putting the lowest price first. Remember that, as certainly also happens in your business, you can always find realities that go on the market at bargain prices. Rather, ask yourself how you want your company to be perceived externally. Ask yourself what excites the audience you want to stimulate with your campaigns. Finally, try to compare your expectations to the real value of the proposed projects. Only in this way can you start your marketing action on the right foot.