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Event Fabrics produces a collection of waterproof and windproof fabrics with a unique breathability index. Their PTFE membrane is the perfect ingredient for creating high quality protective garments for active sports. Albertdesign is involved in the brand consolidation process, which is carried out through both B2B and consumer driven marketing actions.


BrandingVisual DesignPhotographyVideoExibithion design



Creation of visual contents, published on different kind of media. PR with B2B partners sharing advertising pages, technological info, newsletter and press releases distribution.


Albertdesign deals with the development of photographic or video content for Event. We start from the definition of stylistic and pre-production languages, going through the art direction of every shooting up to post-production. The agency monitors the processing phase step by step in order to develop images that hit the target.


Preserving the high technicality of their fabrics is a priority for our client. This is why the eVent brand requires to cycling wear manufacturers to pay special attention through every productive phase. To ease the information sharing between B2B partners we’ve created a series of video tutorials.


Event Fabrics relies on Albertdesign also for the design of exhibition booth-stands. The projects thus keep the stylistic look of yet applied to its corporate identity. Our studio proposes the general concept through 3D rendering of the different views and deals with the management of on-site suppliers as regards the definition and construction phases of the exhibition space.