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McKee’s is a new line of outdoor technical apparel designed for lovers of the wildest nature. Albertdesign’s designers worked on the rebranding and building a consistent brand image, before moving on to the stylistic development of the product collections. An integrated and multidisciplinary approach that has allowed McKee’s to present itself on the market with the utmost consistency.


Logo design
Visual Design
Product Design
Art direction
Video production
Web design
Social Media



The brand has been redesigned starting from the original which presented some critical issues. The most notable was the use of McKee’s M as a graphic element to recall a mountain range. An analysis of the competition has in fact identified an important overlap with existing brands in the outdoor sector. Hence the idea of changing perspective by proposing the figure of the ibex, an iconic and particularly rare alpine animal to meet for hikers. The construction of the logo harmonizes the figure of the muzzle according to precise graphic rules and encloses it in a badge that allows it to be effectively placed in the product.


The Albertdesign stylistic department had the task of characterizing McKee’s products, looking for an aesthetic appeal with what has already been proposed in the branding field. The shapes of the new logo have been taken up in the main cuts of the garments, while outdoor images and natural tactile sensations have inspired their finishes.


Our studio has managed the consulting and branding phases, but it has also accompanied McKee’s after the product launch. A new website contains all the values identified in the preliminary phase and shows the technical garments through a photographic lookbook plus a promo video made entirely in-house. Pre-production, talent selection, shooting management and post-production are signed by Albertdesign.