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An icon in the equestrian technology market, Equiline is a global company with more than 800 stores in over 60 countries. Equiline relied on Albertdesign with the aim of preparing the launch of X-CEL, a new stirrup for the Jumping and Dressage disciplines. Our studio oversaw the development of a 3D animated promo video, the creation of a dedicated packaging and also designed a composition of graphic posts intended for publication on the brand’s social channels.


3D Animation
Visual Design
Packaging Design



A storyboard is the most effective tool to transfer the creative proposal to the customer. In the case of this project, to be carried out completely in CGI, the delivered document already faithfully represented the aesthetic mood underlying the video. Every single camera movement has been described, the main shots highlighted, the semi-final yield of the product defined. The Equiline marketing department thus had the opportunity to visualize an idea that was already very close to the quality of the final result.


The design of the environment in which to insert the X-CEL stirrup was a fundamental step of the workflow. By its nature, the product to be presented contained both technological elements and stylistic references to the world of horse riding. For this reason, our designers have wrapped it in a room that can enhance it without ever overpowering it. Several tests were carried out by choosing material, natural surfaces and with neutral, enveloping color palettes. The final result elegantly underlines the technicality of the new Equiline stirrup.


X-CEL had to complete a line of products already on the market. However, the client asked us to operate a restyling of the existing packaging concept, so as to be able to assign a more contemporary image to his new success. The design process led us to combine the black boxes with a contrasting color. The choice fell on beige, used within the box to make the product stand out once the lid is opened. A 3D render of the bracket also shows the main USP, while some glossy / matt effects obtained with UV varnish give further elegance to the composition.