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Synonymous with superior class and comfort, the German manufacture Roeckl Sports is now in its sixth generation and boasts 180 years of experience in the art of tailoring gloves. The result of meticulous workmanship and premium materials, Roeckl sports gloves are sold in more than 60 countries. Albertdesign was a strategic partner in the relaunch of the brand and in the creation of a new product line, a new logo, a visual image, offline and online communication tools.


Product Design
3D Model
Graphic design



The challenge began with the graphic design of the logo for the BI-FUSION line of cycling gloves, characterized by the use of a high-tech two-component padding capable of reducing the stress during long distance routes. The creative strategy has led us to create an image consistent with the USP starting from a rational, rigorous, scientific graphic concept. It therefore seemed appropriate to take inspiration from the structure of DNA, a symbol of connection, uniqueness and evolution of all living organisms.


An intense anatomical research and the use of avant-garde materials have led our designers to propose a synthesis of style and ergonomics that has achieved major success on the market. A double success, given that the design path was recognized as worthy by the REDDOT DESIGN AWARD commission, which selected Bi-Fusion and Albertdesign as winners of the 2021 edition.


How can a product turn into a success? An accurate research on the evolution of tastes and trends at the base of your project can trace an important path. From moods to textures, from color combinations to visualizations with 3D renderings, our stylists have been able to convey added value to technical and functional contents, optimally completing the development of a collection consistent with the main market trends.


Bi-Fusion is a good example of an integrated project: starting from a branding phase we have in fact come to the development of the coordinated ADV as a final act. Albertdesign created the glove and the technological sections that were the protagonists of the main visual in 3D, adapting it to the various print and digital formats requested by the customer. A unique project in which experience and high technology, quality materials and applied design are intertwined.