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Winqs is the first sports brand to manufacture all its products choosing raw materials obtained from the processing of plants. The mission? Contain its carbon footprint in a certified way, while not sacrificing performance. The first example of this green approach is Zerofly, a running shoe made by synthesizing eucalyptus leaves, seaweed fibers, castor seeds and recycled rubber. The challenge for Albertdesign has been to create shapes capable of harmonizing the concepts of sustainability, style and technicality.


Product Design
3D Model
Graphic design



The natural elements have inspired our designers, pushing them synthesize sustainability and performance in an unique shape. From the product design point of view, Albertdesign has chosen an organic shaping for the contact point of the foot with natural soils. The sinuous sole, made in partnership with Michelin Soles, connects to the upper through streamlined shapes that continue in the heel area. The shapes become more and more geometric as the eye rises towards the top of the shoe, where you can see all the technicality of mesh and heat-sealing.


Once the design cornerstones have been established, it is essential to know how to transfer project ideas to the customer as clearly as possible. Our workflow in its preliminary phase involves the use of the graphic tablet for the creation of hand-made sketches. At a later stage we develop a series of photorealistic renders in different views. At this time the representation of shapes, materials and color variations is detailed.


The hybrid aesthetic between nature and technology is also reflected in the logo that Albertdesign has designed for Winqs. The inspiration comes from bird wings and the infinity symbol, graphically arranged to create the letter W. The path of synthesis has led us to create a minimal mark to which we have combined a soft, desaturated and natural color palette in contrast with the neutral tones of black and white.


Once the design process has been completed, it’s time to move on to promoting Zerofly. As mass production were not yet started, we have decided to work on an editing able to instantly communicate the sustainability of the Winqs brand. To enhance the technical beauty of the product, we’ve drew the shoe completely in 3D starting from its prototype and then inserted it in a natural context. The idea of simulating the spectator’s entrance into a delicate alpine forest, in which the branches become a dynamic background for Zerofly, is as simple as successful.